Initialization Error

Dan Tomlin dan at
Mon Mar 6 23:21:31 EST 2006

I'm new to developing programs, especially with revolution.
I am getting an error when trying to open up my "standalone" program in
Windows XP.  The error is as follows:
    Can't open file "C:/Revolution/Pubs/PubsMain.exe", error 0, 0

My development environment is Mac OS X 10.4, and I'm using revolution studio
2.7 along with altSQLite3.  I am trying to creating a standalone program to
run on a windows PC as well as a Mac.  My standalone settings include the
database support option (for altSQLite3, which I have purchased) and the
database libraries (have included all libraries but not sure if I need to).

When I open my program on my Mac, it connects to the database fine...

Please note that I have a "pre-stack" script that runs when the main stack
is opened to connect to the database and obtain the database ID.  It also
prompts the user with a message box saying it connected or had a problem,
but I don't get my message box.  Not sure if this is causing the problem...

Thanks, Dan

PS - anyone know why the slashes "/" are backwards in the error message?
The directory the program is in is actually c:\revolution\pubs....

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