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Devin Asay devin_asay at
Tue Mar 7 11:12:39 EST 2006

On Mar 6, 2006, at 9:21 PM, Dan Tomlin wrote:

> I'm new to developing programs, especially with revolution.
> I am getting an error when trying to open up my "standalone"  
> program in
> Windows XP.  The error is as follows:
>     Can't open file "C:/Revolution/Pubs/PubsMain.exe", error 0, 0
> My development environment is Mac OS X 10.4, and I'm using  
> revolution studio
> 2.7 along with altSQLite3.  I am trying to creating a standalone  
> program to
> run on a windows PC as well as a Mac.  My standalone settings  
> include the
> database support option (for altSQLite3, which I have purchased)  
> and the
> database libraries (have included all libraries but not sure if I  
> need to).

There has been some recent discussion on the list concerning problems  
moving standalones between Mac and PC platforms. Others have reported  
greater success by first compressing (with zip, eg.) the standalone  
files, transferring them and uncompressing them. I do this routinely  
and it seems to work.
> PS - anyone know why the slashes "/" are backwards in the error  
> message?
> The directory the program is in is actually c:\revolution\pubs....

Revolution uses the "/" character for directory delimiters regardless  
of the platform. When it talks to the OS it translates them as needed.


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