StackFormat and Stack Reversion

Rand Valentine jrvalent at
Mon Mar 6 23:06:56 EST 2006

   Hi, all. Forgive a dumb question, I read the lists often, but  
often too miss days. I've tried to search on my question using the  
Google advanced search to search the list, but had no luck, which  
baffles me because I recall some discussion pertaining to my question.

   I got an update of DreamCard to 2.7, then promptly forgot about  
the backwards compatibility issues with the DreamCard Player, and  
StackRunner. I am teaching a class in Ojibwe and have developed many  
materials with DreamCard, which my students can then "play" with  
either player. But checking tonight, I noticed that neither the DC  
Player nor StackRunner can play 2.7 stacks, and I also noticed that  
there's not a Player update at the runrev site. Then I tried using  
the plug-in called StackFormat, and kept getting an error saying that  
there was a problem with the script but that the stack was locked, so  
I was out of luck there too. I tried to download an update of  
StackRunner, which it invited me to do. Upon update it vanished from  
my plugins menu. So I went and checked the plug-ins folder and found  
a _text-file_ called StackFormat. I tried to be clever and change its  
type to the type of other 2.7 stacks I have, but alas, no StackFormat  
anymore. So, several questions. A. Once you save a stack in 2.7  
format, there is no way to get it back to 2.6 (the only reason I use  
2.7 is because I prefer the helps format in it). B. Is there any  
documentation for StackFormat? C. What happened to StackFormat on  
update? By the way I use a Mac with the latest version of OS X. Thanks.

Rand Valentine
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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