The End of Dreamcard?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Mon Mar 6 00:43:36 EST 2006

At 10:27 PM -0500 3/5/06, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>If you just want to maintain your existing stacks why not just keep 
>using the version of Dreamcard that you have? Why upgrade at all? If 
>you're looking to keep upgrading to newer and better technology, 
>features and bug fixes than just upgrade to Studio? The price is not 
>really that high. To use your analogy it would not cost more than a 
>good set of wrenches or even new tires.

Hi Tom,

I appreciate your concern. In the short run, that strategy would 
work, of course. I tried to keep going with hyperCard for as long as 
possible. 18 months ago, or so, it became apparent that OS 9 was 
becoming obsolete, and now classic mode is obsolete as well. Some 
die-hards buy old machines so they can keep using hypercard 
indefinitely. I considered that, but decided against it.

If hypercard would run on OS X, and I could expect it to be 
compatible with future hardware and operating systems, I'd still be 
using it, very happily.

In the long run, one's hardware, operating system and software 
eventually become obsolete. The longer you put off the upgrades, the 
more painful and expensive the transition when the upgrades can no 
longer be postponed.

OS 9 --> OS 10.3, and hyperCard --> Dreamcard was a difficult and 
expensive jump for me. Dreamcard was a bargain, but I had to upgrade 
a lot of other stuff. The time I had to spend on the transition to 
Dreamcard was expensive. Nine to Five Reports stopped working, and I 
couldn't fix it. It was obsolete, too. That was a serious nightmare.

It seems easier to upgrade incrementally as I go along.

This is not a catastrophe. It does stimulate me to rethink the 
details my relationship with the computer world. I guess things had 
to change eventually.



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