The End of Dreamcard?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Mon Mar 6 12:40:09 EST 2006

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your reply. It's not a question of licensing. It's a 
question of planning. I'm just trying to figure out what RR product I 
will need, in the long run, to continue running my stacks. Studio is 
my guess.

Beyond that, it was a tiny complaint, because RR's publicity to date 
makes has been hard to understand.

Best regards,


>On 6/3/06 01:23, "Timothy Miller" <gandalf at> wrote:
>>  It looks like the answer is Studio, but I'm not sure.
>>  I hope someone will clarify that.
>Unfortunately we can't clarify everyone's individual licensing questions on
>this mailing list.  Everyone has different requirements and so any attempt
>to do so would be likely to result in a prolonged debate and has the
>potential for confusion.  If you've read the information on our web site and
>are unsure, we are very happy to discuss your specific circumstances at
>support at
>Please bear in mind that we're not simply dropping support for this product
>overnight.  There is nothing stopping anyone with a Dreamcard license
>renewing just now, and simply assessing the evolution of our product line
>again in a year's time.
>Kind regards,
>Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
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