Cursor not showing up in standalone

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Mar 3 21:16:36 EST 2006

Stgoldberg at wrote:
> I hope this is a simple matter and I'm just overlooking the obvious: I'd like 
> the cursor to change to a magnifying glass when the mouse is down, so I've 
> written:
> on mouseDown
> set cursor to 378
> set lockcursor true
> end mouseDown
> This works fine before the standalone.   But after the standalone, the cursor 
> does not show up either on the Mac or Windows version (I'm developing on a 
> Mac OS X).   I've also checked off "Select inclusions for the standalone 
> application" and "Cursors"   in the General Standalone Application Settings.   Am I 
> missing something?   Thanks very much.

This sounds like the same bug in the standalone builder that prevented 
copying externals to a standalone. It's been fixed for the next update.

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