Read from StnIn from POST is still broken?

Sivakatirswami katir at
Fri Mar 3 21:48:19 EST 2006

This is a really old problem: Rev CGI scripts are truncating data  
piped from Apache from a POST....

Does anyone know for "positively absolutely" sure that new version of  
rev has over come this issue?


Linux web server, Apache, call Rev CGI to receive incoming Post  
Data.  Beginning lines of script to read the incoming data -- see  
below (suggested as a possible fix years ago by Scott Raney)

(musings... it is possible that this is a client side problem?
--machine A with browser B cannot in fact encode large chunks of data  
and the name=value pair actually arrive to the server already  
truncated.. meanwhile
-- box C with browser D submits a large text chunk from the same form  
and it arrive just fine: result Rev get blamed for being intermittent  
failures... but he's really not the bad guy.

on startup
	put "" into PostIn
	repeat until length(PostIn) >= $CONTENT_LENGTH
		read from stdin until ""
     		put it after PostIn
   	end repeat  	
	put  urlDecode (PostIn)  into tDataIn
	split tDataIn by "&" and "="
	put keys(tDataIn) into tFields


if one of the incoming name pairs contains too much data, it is  

You can stress test this yourself:  go to:

and scroll down to the end of the list...the last "story is a  
submission with a large text chunk pasted into the main field.

The full cgi is here:


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