Disappearing Mouse!!??

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Jan 27 00:29:13 EST 2005

On 1/26/05 6:19 PM, Alex Tweedly wrote:

> Len Morgan wrote:
>> I'm a (very) new Revolution user and I've got problem on Win XP.  I've 
>> created a little stack and in the IDE it "works" ok.  Right now it's 
>> just labels and textboxes - it doesn't actually DO anything yet.
>> The problem is when I save it and then try and run the .rev file, it 
>> shows up ok on the screen but as soon as the mouse pointer moves into 
>> the program window, the mouse pointer disappears.  It's still "there" 
>> because if I work at it, I can get the invisible over a button and 
>> then left click and have the button fire.
>> What am I doing wrong?  Any help would be appreciated.
> I think you're doing nothing wrong. I believe you have encountered Bug 
> 2138 (see http://support.runrev.com/bugdatabase/show_bug.cgi?id=2138 )
> I submitted this as an enhancement request because I encountered it only 
> in the context of Dreamcard Player - though I believe it happens any 
> time you double-click a stack in Windows (it's hard for me to be sure 
> because I've finished with multiple versions of Dreamcard and the Player 
> installed, so I'm unsure just which is being used). In general, this is 
> something I never do, but tried when I saw your email; I always either 
> run inside the IDE, or build a standalone executable.
> Could you please add an enclosure describing what you see; it may be 
> appropriate to change it to a "bug" rather than an "enhancement" and up 
> the priority.
> -- Alex.

It is already submitted a couple of times as a bug rather than as an 


This particular one is still marked as unconfirmed, but we have had 
several reports of it in the support queue too. I distinctly remember 
entering it in Bugzilla myself, but now I can't find it. So there is 
another one in there somewhere as well.

It would be good to add any new reports to the above, since that one is 
marked as an actual bug.

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