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Wed Jan 26 12:57:10 EST 2005

On 1/26/05 8:18 AM, Len Morgan wrote:

> Is there a "beginner's list" available?  I've just purchased Revolution 
> and I'm having some problems (on WinXP) but most of the questions I see 
> on this list are way past where I'm at.  I'm sure when my book arrives 
> I'll be able to answer a lot of these questions myself but I'd like to 
> get started.

Ask here. Please do. You will get lots and lots of answers -- mostly 
because more people will know them. :)

I think this list can be too intimidating for newcomers and I'd sure 
like to see that changed. The only way it will happen is if we get a 
large variety of questions so that everyone feels they are welcome. No 
question is too "stupid" to ask. Not one of us came to Revolution 
knowing how to use it, we all had to learn, and this list is absolutely 
the best resource for that.

Ask away. I am very happy to see some of the beginner questions that 
have popped up here lately and I hope they continue.

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