Using stacks as a database for very large data sets

Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
Wed Jan 26 12:38:29 EST 2005

I guess huge is relative to the speed of one's system and network. The
stack I am dealing with is only 4.74mb - yet, it still takes a couple
minutes to save across the network.

That's no big deal - but a year from now the same stack will be 20meg,
and will take 8 minutes to save. I am planning on working out an
archiving system before I get to that point. 

Separate monthly stacks is probably my easiest and best bet. I was just
wishing for the ideal - the ability to have a 40 gig database in a
single stack, with all the easy searching and reprogramming that would
go with that.

Maybe for Rev 3.0 they will work out such a thing.

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How huge is "huge", Jonathan?

>If it were possible to use a single stack as a huge
>database, it would be very convenient.

I've worked with 43K-record, 43MB, database stacks in 
SDB.  <>

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