Getting up-to-date w/ RunRev 1.1.1 and Mac OS X Panther

WillAdams at WillAdams at
Wed Jan 26 22:42:39 EST 2005

First, let me thank Heather for being kind enough to get me squared away on 
my not having licensed the copy of 1.1.1 I got on the MacWorld ``Total 
Panther'' DVD from almost two years ago.

I've managed to code up a basic little app (a numeric version of a graphic 
design ``proportion wheel''), but have somewhat stumbled when it came time to 
build it to distribute it.

Building the Windows version (I also bought a copy of PC Pro UK way back when 
which also had 1.1.1 for Windows ;) went fine. Build options for the Mac 
version are kind of limited though, and while the built app works okay in Mac OS X 
10.2 ``Jaguar'' in 10.3 ``Panther'' it opens up in Classic mode --- is there 
a fix or work-around for this? (Which doesn't involve shelling out hundreds of 
dollars for an updated version---hard to justify that when I should arguably 
be learning Objective-C and using Apple's free developer tools instead---by 
the way, what happened to the ``Free Edition''? Is there a copy of it archived 
somewhere for download?)


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