Printing Hell

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Mon Jan 24 21:53:05 EST 2005

At 4:24 PM -0700 1/24/05, David Squance wrote:
>On Jan 24, 2005, at 12:48 PM, Dan Friedman wrote:
>>solved the problem.  Ever since I started issuing the "answer printer"
>>command before printing, the printing problems have ceased.
>Did you use printrotated?  I've found that setting the printrotated 
>to false after printing doesn't seem to 'take'.  Perhaps using 
>answer printer will correct that.  I don't have a windows machine 
>available at home where I develop (on OSX), and when I test at work, 
>the other staff get a bit annoyed when the other apps they use are 
>printing in landscape mode when they shouldn't be.

FWIW, I opened my complicated form in DreamCard for OS 9 for the 
Macintosh. Fields were filled in, checkboxes were checked.

At first, it totally froze my machine three times, when I was trying 
to print. I realized that Rev had resized my stack when I imported 
it, and my script was trying to print outside the rect of the stack.

(In a perfect world, this would generate an error message, or it 
would just crop the page, instead of freezing the machine.)

After diagnosing and repairing, I discovered that set printmargins 
actually works -- in pixels, not in inches. It doesn't work in 
hyperCard, as far as I can tell.

Ultimately, the form printed with PERFECT registration. I didn't have 
to change anything, except to adjust the stack size and the 
printmargins. No Printing Hell, for me, so far. Praise <enter your 
preferred Supreme Being here> !


Tim Miller

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