OT -- Mac OSX or Classic?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Mon Jan 24 18:08:53 EST 2005

Not off topic at all. I'd say aim most of your work towards OSX - 
Apple dropped support for 9 over a year ago. Rev's handling of the UI 
between the two is sweet however and often doesn't need much 
tweaking. More tweak would be needed for the windoze side.

Having said that - there's a large contingent of OS 9 users out 
there, and love it. These folks found a groove with the setup they 
have and have no need for change. This is a testament to the overall 
longevity of the platform. Many of them are entertainment or media 
related and have many legacy audio and video apps and specialty 
software that's tied to hardware.


>Dear All,
>I author on and build mostly for Windows but am planning on purchasing an
>extra Rev platform. But funds are limited, and I've been non-Mac for many
>years now (the new mini-Mac is sure tempting me, though).
>Hence my question to those of you in the know: which is the preferred Mac OS
>for the average user?
>My apologies for being off-topic.
>Thank you.
>Nicolas Cueto
>niconiko language school

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