Trouble with graphics display in OS X

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Jan 24 18:39:15 EST 2005

On 1/24/05 4:15 PM, James Hurley wrote:

> I was astonished to discover how much slower Windows was in executing 
> "Move relative" and "MoveStopped."
> The only one of the four which works for me is "Set the loc". My only 
> problem is the fact that it is so much slower in OS X than OS 9 or Windows.

I think the test speed results are all highly dependent on the graphics 
card driver and CPU, so they will vary on different machines. OS X uses 
a much higher quality graphics rendering engine than OS 9, which is 
still using the very old QuickDraw. OS X is slower to draw in every 
respect, in any app.

You might be able to even out the speed difference by setting the "move" 
distances to 2 pixels apart in OS X. I don't think it will be visually 
noticeable and the move should only take half as long.

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