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>Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 20:17:28 +0100
>From: Klaus Major <klaus at>
>Subject: Re: Cascading PopUp menu
>To: Glen Bojsza <gbojsza at>,   How to use Revolution
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>Hi Glen,
>> I have a popup menu button that cascades ie
>> button "transport"
>> car    >Ford
>> boat    GM
>>            Toyota
>> I am trying to figure out how to trap the user selection... say if GM
>> is selected I want to go to card GM.
>Submenus are returned separated by |
>So in your case it will be -> boat|GM
>you can:
>on menupick which
>set the itemdel to "|"
>put item 2 of which into the_actual_menu_item
   What if the user picks an item from the actual *menu*, and not a 
*sub*menu? Perhaps this might be better:

on menuPick which
  set the itemDelimiter to "|"
  put the last item of which into TheChosenMenuItem
  # whatever other stuff goes here
end menuPick

   Hope this helps...

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