Mac add-on for PCs [OT?]

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Jan 13 21:40:53 EST 2005

Dar Scott wrote:

> Those who develop on Windows or Linux, but wish they had room on the 
> desk for a Mac for development or testing might be interested in 
> knowing that the new Mac Mini ($499) looks like it will fit on top of 
> a PC tower.  The Apple store sells a tiny kvm switch ($129) that looks 
> compatible.
> I'm sure others can think of other neat scenarios for this tiny (2 in 
> X 6.5 in X 6.5 in) box.

At $499 (= £266) I could think of a dozen uses.  Unfortunately,in the 
UK  it doesn't cost $499, it costs closer to $650 :-(

Not quite so attractive - but still in range to be a possible new toy.

What do you Mac users think about the min config ?   (Specifically, 256M 
RAM; I'd never consider a WinXP machine with less than 512M - but I have 
no idea whether OSX needs the same, or will function OK at 256M).

Similarly, disk space. How much is taken up by OS etc. before I start 
putting stuff on there ?  Is the 40G disk reasonable, or will I run out 
before I know it ....?

While I'm asking questions .... can I share file systems between Win and 

(oops - did I say "toy" ?   I meant "new development and test platform")

-- Alex.

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