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Yeah but...

And again, I am not advocating that any of us bother creating a competitive word processor in Rev, because I see little point in re-inventing the wheel unless there is some sort of clear advantage the software can deliver...


Using Rev, most of these types of programs would not be that difficult. I understand that the reason for that is because Rev does most of the hard stuff for you.

A spreadsheet, for example, may be complex in terms of defining the cells and such - but if you already have the code worked out for defining a field, it cannot too big of a jump to defining a cell. 

As for features - do they really have thousands? I am pretty skilled with using both MS Word and MS Excel. It doesn't seem like they contain thousands of features - but maybe I am just not appreciating everything they can do.

In my humble opinion, it seems that the problem must be that these programs are being essentially built from scratch. If they were designed using a single starting point, with all the basic components ready to use, then they could be created much more efficiently.

Think about it - for $65-million, don't you think a team of experienced Rev developers could create a suite that would blow the pants off of MS office?

All hypothetical, of course.

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On Jan 21, 2005, at 7:55 PM, Lynch, Jonathan wrote:

> 1) Is it really that difficult to create basic office software?
> 2) Why does it cost so much?


to create a huge mammoth (is this how one spell 
big-prehistoric-elephant in english?) like an Office app is not a task 
for a single person.... Man, just think about the thousands of features 
that you don't use... then wonder about the thousand of features you 
don't even know!!!!

The word processor task... imagine the code to manage one single 
document! those things are not HTML!!!! they are more complex than 
that... now wonder about SPREADSHEET!!!!it take years and a team to 
create a simple one.... now, integrate the whole office.... I would not 
know how to begin a project like this. I think thats why there are 
special developer teams doing this kind of thing for years.

don't know, for me it's just to big.


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