Synchronization puzzle.

Alex Tweedly alex at
Fri Jan 21 20:02:24 EST 2005

Stephen Barncard wrote:

> Why bother with sync at all? That looks like a nightmare!

Because I need it.

> Are all your workstations internet-connected?

No. Some of them are some of the time, but in general they're not. And 
it's not acceptable to be unable to make edits when they're not 
connected. I think any "delayed update" of a central database finishes 
up being equivalent to this problem - there is a small gain from being 
able to know that there is a single central "master" version, but it's a 
pretty small difference.

> Why not create a MYSQL database and any number of clients made in Rev 
> to talk to it. Most good ISPs offer it.

Yeah, all 3 of the ones I use offer MySQL (and CGI scripts if I needed 

> All data will be real-time - no copies needed. Very simple.

Simple, but not applicable. If enough of them were connected enough of 
the time, I'd probably do as you suggested, with a local cache inside 
the Rev app on each machine - but unfortunately that's not the situation 
I face.

Thanks anyway
-- Alex.

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