Mac add-on for PCs [OT?]

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Thu Jan 13 21:51:48 EST 2005

> What do you Mac users think about the min config ?   (Specifically, 
> 256M RAM; I'd never consider a WinXP machine with less than 512M - but 
> I have no idea whether OSX needs the same, or will function OK at 
> 256M).
Definitely go for the 512M. OS X will work in 256, but everything will 
be faster & more stable in 512.
> Similarly, disk space. How much is taken up by OS etc. before I start 
> putting stuff on there ?  Is the 40G disk reasonable, or will I run 
> out before I know it ....?
40G will be fine unless you have a lot of music or plan to do a lot of 
video editing.
> While I'm asking questions .... can I share file systems between Win 
> and OSX ?
Yes, in the System Preferences (Mac's equivalent to Control Panels), 
you go to Sharing and turn on Windows sharing which activates Samba and 
shows you the address to use to connect from Windows. Going to Windows 
is even easier, as the Shared Docs folders just appear in the Network 

Any more questions, feel free to ask directly :-)


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