Option/combo menus crashing Rev

Gordon Webster gwalias-rev at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 13 21:04:55 EST 2005

Dear Revolutionaries

Working on WinXP with rev 2.5 I have created an option
menu and a combo box on a substack to set the fontname
and fontsize respectively, of a scrolling text window
on the main stack. 

They both work just fine - sometimes ...

but if I click on them more than once or scroll up and
down in them too much, they freeze and I get a "Not
Responding" warning followed by a delay and then the
rev runtime crashes completely.

Am I doing something stupid?

Here is the code I use in the preOpenStack handler to
set them up:

on preOpenStack
  put the fontnames into tfonts
  sort lines of tfonts
  put tfonts into button "Input Fonts"
  repeat with fsize = 8 to 48 step 2
    put fsize & cr after fsizes
  end repeat
  put fsizes into button "Input Font Sizes"
  set the menuHistory of button "Input Fonts" to
lineOffset(the CommandWindowFont of stack
"myStack",button "Input Fonts")
  set the menuHistory of button "Input Font Sizes" to
lineOffset(the CommandWindowFontSize of stack
"myStack",button "Input Font Sizes")
end preOpenStack

This is really weird. Has anyone had any similar
prolems with combo/option menus?



:::::::::: Gordon Webster ::::::::::

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