Change in default colors in v2.5?

Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Jan 14 15:12:42 EST 2005

Recently, Richard Gaskin wrote:

>>> using the v2.5 engine I'm now
>>> getting reports from some users of unusual appearance.  In XP everything
>>> works as expected, but in pre-XP systems (2K, 98) I'm getting reports
>>> that the window is mostly black.
>> Did you check if this is a 16 color setting problem?  Last time I checked,
>> the Rev engine would often display an all black window when run under 16
>> colors on Windows (the official word back then was the engine would not
>> display reliably under 16 colors).
> Ahh-- I'll look into that.
> Why the change? And if there a Bugzilla requst to change it back?

It's not a change, it's a feature.  I learned of this during the Raney
administration (pre Rev days) and was told that they just couldn't support
anything less than 8 bit color, though it might be possible to run stacks
with system drawn controls only (no imported graphics, etc).


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