upgrading body parts...

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Mon Jan 10 00:07:23 EST 2005

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> You are far too conservative. I want:
> 1. A full body transplant
> 2. A data port in my neck
> 3. Teleportation
> 4. A cure for whatever disease will kill me eventually
> And maybe the ability to live completely on chocolate.
> -- Could not resist an upgrade order too..
1. My other eye to see; the other one to see better.
2. My other ear to hear; the other one to hear better.
3. My nose to smell
4. My brain to process info better
5. My bones not to fracture
6. My body to process sugar better
...that be enough ;-)
oh, and allow me enough time and energy to finish my projects with RR...so I 
can make some money and get my long dreamed Ph.D. in religious studies :-)

Living on chocolate?, Go for it!


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