Oversize cards and jumping between 9 not-overlapping

Kresten Bjerg kresten.bjerg at psy.ku.dk
Mon Jan 3 09:04:09 EST 2005

Richard Gaskin wrote:

A card is the pane within a window, but with groups you can place 
controls anywhere within a space of 65,535 x 65,535 pixels.  Groups can 
have vertical and/or horizontal scrollbars.

So groups can in a way be distributed in a virtual 9-windows 
"card-space" or "control-space"or "meta-group-space", if I understand 
you correctly.!? If scrolling  can move between them ( I find it 
dificult to imagine bar-scrolling between mutually exclusive windows) 
such "scrolling" might well be in the form of buttons, controlling the 
jumps to, between and back amongst the 9 "window-groups"? Am I following 
you ?


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