Oversize cards and jumping between 9 not-overlapping

Kresten Bjerg kresten.bjerg at psy.ku.dk
Mon Jan 3 07:06:23 EST 2005

Thanks to Richard and Frank for advices, -although they present me with 
troubles galore. Why would I want....? The answer is, that I am trying 
to transpose a HC stack, which I have been developing over the last 10 
years, to a cross-platform free-ware tool for a new kind of electronic 
diary, where keyed-in text and clicked in icons/pictograms (formed as 
characters in new fonts)- and distributed as buttons by the user-, are 
converged in an always time-indexed textfield, on consecutive daycards, 
with a series of options for one click time-indexed quoting to selected 
memo-fields and week-calendar, options for parsing in the accumulated 
multi-font text over moths and years, and screen-size windows for on the 
spot localized icon annotations - and possibly: hand-drawing - within 
the geometries of various topologies, primarily  own body, body of 
family member, layouts of home and garden, neighbourhood, workplace etc 
- with these topologies serving at the same time as windows to contain 
more - and more specialized-user-distributed icons, relevant for a given 
topology. A special screen-size window shall contain the 144  10-minute 
fields, where icons clicked are separated from the text, - thus forming 
an overview of icons inserted the given day.  The point is, that users 
shall be able to browse back and forth through weeks and months  in 
these windows, - and everywhere with a click jump to the corresponding 
central text-containing day-card window, or any of the other windows.
There are further details, like options for time-indexed annotating , 
with text or icons, to previous paragraphs, same or previous days, and 
for inserting paragraphs (icon(s) and/or text) to any 10-minute interval 
earlier the same day, where they belong in the time-sequence., 
integration with an adress-book etc. , options for automatic daily 
counting of cigarettes, drinks , pills or whatever icons selected for 
counting - and automatic counting of  time "slept", i e. from go to 
sleep-icon to next days get-up icon. And of course options of creating 
links to other programs /e.g. word , photoshop, netscape, or whatever 
the user have going in their daily computer-use.
It is my hope, that the inclusion of physiological data, perhaps 
blootooth mediated, will be possible later - I have been fooling around 
with daily blood-pressure data, but only keyed in from reading the 
wrist-gadgets display.

As an absolutely non-professional I have of course to trust your 
judgement, - put I cannot stop wondering about "By definition, a card 
always fills the window," - why can card-size then apparently be 
expanded far far beyond the size of any existing screen?

P.S. : I think somewhere I saw some mention to the effect that user-data 
cannot be saved in a standalone?????????  . I hope, I misunderstood it, 
- for elsewise I think I would have to leave revolution at once and look 
for other x-card options.


Refer please to "Oikos Homestation" <http://www.psy.ku.dk/bjerg> for 
further information

Kresten Bjerg Mag.art, fhv.Lektor i Psykologi

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