from list to card via double click

Pat Trendler ptrendler at
Sun Jan 9 17:57:03 EST 2005

I was hoping Bob would know what the double click thing was, because I 
couldn't remember. (actually I didn't know)

But Iwasinahurrytoanswerthequestion because I rarely know the answer and by 
the time I've checked it out sixotherpeoplehavegotinbeforeme.

There's many a slip between mouse and click - less haste with cut and paste.

But apart from that I got it right. Wow!


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> On 1/9/05 4:19 PM, "Pat Trendler" <ptrendler at> wrote:
>> on mouseUp
>>    if the hilitedLine is not empty then
>>       go card (the hilitedLine of me)
>>    end if
>> end mouseUp
> Actually, that's "mouseDoubleUp" if you want to trap the double-click...
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