Stacks at different screen resolutions help?!

PatGeorgeA at PatGeorgeA at
Mon Jan 10 15:34:03 EST 2005

I had a similar problem, but the other way around.  My original stack was for a 1024 x 7xx screen size and was too big for an 800 x 600.  

What I have had to do in my particular case, is to make two stacks - and pick up the screen resolution when the software is opened and use either the bigger or the smaller stack.  

It is possible just to resize the stack when opening, and it is possible to scale buttons and fields - not sure if this would be a solution for you.  

In our case, making two stacks (for high and low resolution)was necessary because of the large number of screens, some with lots of buttons, and graphics. However, because our software is also for young children with text and sound files, the 'look' is very important.  I did however, manage to write some code to relocate the majority of objects on more standardised screens.

best wishes,
Pat George

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