Quicktime player and relative path

duane poncy tsalagi at elohigadugi.org
Sat Jan 8 16:14:30 EST 2005

I can't find a satisfactory answer to this question either 
in the documentation or the archives.

I have tried to build my first standalone with Rev 2.5.  My 
program needs a seperate mp3 to function, but the player 
did not show up on my stack in the standalone.

Back to the Rev program. The player shows up fine with an 
absolute path, but when I set a relative path, my player 
disappears.  I thought at first that I was designating the 
path incorrectly, so I tried several different 
alternatives. No luck. The player only shows up with an 
absolute path. I even tried putting the mp3 in the same 
folder as the app. Didn't work.  Can someone tell me what 
I'm doing wrong?

btw, I am using Mac OSX.

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