OSX permissions for stacks

curry curry at pair.com
Sun Jan 9 06:56:12 EST 2005

(It's been a while since I posted--hope this year is getting off to a 
good start for everyone.)

I made an application that worked fine on my own computer (one user 
account) but some people had problems when they had multiple user 
accounts. The standalone contains a simple splash stack that loads 
the main stack which is a separate file (let's say stack.rev), and 
when the main stack quits, it saves its changes.

I found that when using the application from another user account 
rather than the admin account, when the stack was saved it changed to 
stack.rev~ with a tilde on the end. I looked at the stack file's 
permissions, and found that with the permissions set to full access 
for everyone, there were no problems.

Will the permissions persist for the user if I just set them for the 
file on my computer, or do I need to go further? In case I need to go 
further, I put in a little shell script to chmod the stack file's 
permissions. Should that do the trick?



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