opening substack as modal unexpectedly calls openStack of mainstack

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Mon Jan 3 18:15:59 EST 2005

>?Hello List,
>Here's the story. During the mouseUp of a mainstack button, a substack gets
>opened as modal. However, soon as that substack appears onscreen, debugging
>shows that the "on openStack" of the mainstack's stack-script has
>(unexpectedly!) been called.

well, expectedly actually

>I guess this is happening because the substack has no script anywhere for
>handling the openStack message, and thus this message is being passed on up
>to the mainstack itself?


>How do I prevent the substack's opening from making this unwanted call to
>the mainstack's "on openStack"?


on openstack
end openstack

in your modal stack.

>Nicolas Cueto


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