Actual vs. Possible (was 'Menu woes')

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Jan 3 18:13:15 EST 2005


I agree completely with your 'Actual vs Possible' message and urge 
others to utilize the Improve list (as Dar does frequently and with 
great insight) for the discussion of 'improvements', if possible.

I think it's in the best interest for us developers for RR to sell as 
many copies of the Revolution software development environment. And to 
that end, it is important as listmembers to distinguish between what 
works and what keeps people from being able to develop and publish an 
application at all. Frankly, I've yet to find any showstoppers;-) There 
are some weird work arounds, but they are nothing compared to the hoops 
one has to jump through to, say, ...embed Safari into an external using 
Apple's not well documented and *very* buggy WebKit!

Thanks for your post,


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