RunRev vs RealBasic

Michael D Mays michael.rr at
Mon Jan 3 10:49:00 EST 2005

There was CompileIt! for Hypercard which allowed you to compile your 
scripts. But the increase in performance wasn't obtained simply by 
compiling your script. In general an uncompiled HyperTalk script ran 
the same as the compiled script. In fact they could be slower. In some 
instances you could see about a thousand times increase in performance. 
But you weren't simply compiling a HyperTalk .

In general if you compared fast CompileIt! scripts to MetaTalk scripts 
on Mac OS 9 you could see a speed increase but only on the order of one 
not three orders of magnitude.

What is running so slow in Revolution?


On Jan 3, 2005, at 9:22 AM, Frank D. Engel, Jr. wrote:

> I personally wonder what it would take to create a true compiler for 
> Rev stacks?  Obviously this would introduce some limitations on 
> certain operations, but for stacks which don't use those operations, 
> it could substantially increase performance...

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