Scrollbar Covering Resizebox

Mark Smith mark at
Mon Jan 3 08:55:39 EST 2005

This is on OS X.
I have a stack in which I want a field to reach all the way to the 
bottom of the window. This field is to contain text which will usually 
more than fill the field, so I need a scrollbar. The stack needs to be 
resizable, so when the field reaches to the bottom, the resize box of 
the window covers the down arrow at the bottom of the fields scrollbar.

Is the only solution to make the field a non-scrolling field, use a 
separate scroll bar and script the behaviour myself? If it is, can 
anyone point to an example of such a thing, as I've not really played 
around with scrollbars before, and I could use some help, as, once 
again the docs are not really helpful - all the relevant properties, 
commands and messages are listed, of course, but there's not much to 
help with putting it all together.

Rant about docs follows (ignore if not interested)

I could find nothing helpful in the current (2.5) electronic docs, so I 
started up 2.12 and found only  a recipe for hiding and showing the 
scrollbar of a scrolling field when required. Next, I tried to find 
something in the printed docs...I may have missed something, as it's 
really quite hard to scan 9 pages of "How to...." without going a bit 
snow blind. I tried revOnline, where there is what seems like a subset 
of what's in the printed docs in the 'example scripts' 
section....Finally, I searched the list archives and came up with 

I'm sure that with a bit of experimentation, I'll figure out how to do 
what I want, though I'm not delighted at the prospect of what might be 
a fair bit of experimenting just to solve such a small problem. It'll 
have to take a back seat to other things for now. But I do think that 
this is a decent example of the shortcomings in the current resources 
available...this is not a deeply complex problem, and I wouldn't have 
thought it very uncommon, but I seem to be on my own when it comes to 
solving it, unless this excellent list once again makes up for 



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