RunRev vs RealBasic

Gordon Webster gwalias-rev at
Mon Jan 3 11:22:06 EST 2005

--- Michael D Mays <michael.rr at> wrote:

> What is running so slow in Revolution?

I think that rev is great, but there are certain areas
in which its functionality is rather limited. Speaking
for myself, I am involved in a lot of scientific
computation and I would love to be able to use rev for
more than just the user interface.

Yes, I could use externals or you could argue that rev
is UI/multimedia-centric and not intended for serious
scientific computing, but does that have to mean that
it could never be?

Here's my little wish-list of rev enhancements that
would make it more amenable for numeric/scientific
computing ...

- Arrays of arrays (of arrays, of arrays ...)

- The option to create "typed" stacks that could be
either natively compiled or extensively bytecode
optimized (a la Psyco optimizer for python)

- More graphics abstraction - built-in 2D and 3D
mapping and transformations and a richer set of
built-in graphic objects such as splines, beziers etc.

- Easier interfacing to externals 
  (DLLs, COM objects etc. etc.)

Here's to the evolution of Revolution!



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