Oversize cards and jumping between 9 not-overlapping

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Jan 3 07:37:05 EST 2005

Kresten Bjerg wrote:
> As an absolutely non-professional I have of course to trust your 
> judgement, - put I cannot stop wondering about "By definition, a card 
> always fills the window," - why can card-size then apparently be 
> expanded far far beyond the size of any existing screen?

A card is the pane within a window, but with groups you can place 
controls anywhere within a space of 65,535 x 65,535 pixels.  Groups can 
have vertical and/or horizontal scrollbars.

> P.S. : I think somewhere I saw some mention to the effect that user-data 
> cannot be saved in a standalone?????????  . I hope, I misunderstood it, 
> - for elsewise I think I would have to leave revolution at once and look 
> for other x-card options.

Nearly all operating systems work this way, except Mac.  All the rest 
lock the app so it can't be modified while it's running.  The Rev engine 
enforces this on Mac platforms for consistency.

It's not hard to work with:  remember that your standalone can open 
other stack files, so just build your standalone with just a single 
window, such as an About window, and store your data in a separate stack 

For your app this may be especially useful: You could support multiple 
documents, so different users sharing the same computer could each habe 
their own journal.  The clone command will let you make a single 
document stack as a shell, and just clone it when the user selects 

One thing to keep in mind with regard to data storage:  many Windows 
systems and some Mac systems place restrictions on which folders can be 
written to.  Depending on the permissions a given user has, they may not 
be able to write to the Applications folder.

For this reason Apple and Microsoft recommend writing data to specific 
folders reserved for that.  Take a look at the entry for the 
specialFolderPath function in the Rev Dictionary to see how to find 
those folder easily (even on International systems since you don't have 
to worry about figuring out the path yourself).

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