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Sun Jan 2 23:47:06 EST 2005

Sorry to risk being a list spammer, but I originally sent this on 29 Dec 
and haven't seen any replies.  Given the number of people who use audio 
recording I'd be surprised if no one else has encountered these 
questions themselves.  Thanks in advance if you have any answers:

Three questions about recording audio:

 > 1. Support for new compressors?
The recordCompressorTypes property returns a list of available 
compressors that includes items (like MPEG-4) which are not shown in the 
"answer record" dialog.

Since the "answer record" command calls QT to bring up its dialog, why 
aren't all of the available compressors shown?

 > 2. How to determine format/compressor compatibility?
The docs say:
    Not all sound file formats are compatible with all
    supported codecs. If you try to record sound using
    a recordCompressionType that is not compatible
    with the recordFormat, the compression type will
    be changed automatically to a codec that is
    compatible with the specified recordFormat.

How can I determine which compressors are available for which formats?

 > 3. Updating options in the "answer record" dialog
If I change the recordFormat and then call "answer record", it always 
displays the same list of codecs.

Is there a way to have the "answer record" dialog only show options 
relevant for the current recordFormat?


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