Rev2.5 exe error with garbage

FlexibleLearning at FlexibleLearning at
Sat Jan 1 10:34:59 EST 2005

Has anyon else experienced .exe errors when using sockets in a password  
protected stack with Rev2.5 (engine 2.6.1) that do not happen with other engines  
or when the password of the stack is empty?
I wish I could supply a formula, but the error (or a system freeze) is  
temperamental and inconsistent but nevertheless guaranteed.
The situation is when receiving ascii socket data that is placed in a  
field... After a while, there is what looks like an encrypted text dump of the  
stack in the field instead of the text data, then "poof!" and we have  either an 
exe error or a system freeze. The 'text of fld tFld' does not match  the 
displayed garbage, so I am assuming this is the cause of the failure, but  the 
question is where is this garbage coming from and why?
Anyone had similar?

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