changing object's location causing long delays

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sun Jan 2 06:17:10 EST 2005

On Sun Jan 2, 2005, Nicolas Cueto nrkweto03 at

> Ok, I added that button and built a distribution. However, relocating an
> object using the pointer-tool is still as slow on the standalone as 
> when on
> the IDE.
> (snip)
> What continues to especially baffle me is not understanding why the object
> post-movement delay doesn't also occur after I use the keyboard-arrows.
> Oh well. Thanks.
> Cheers,
> Nicolas Cueto

Another cause for the delays you see could be the bug in the "revtable" 
frontscript  (Bugzilla 2019) that - among other effects - causes Rev to 
loop over all controls of a card when one of the controls gets the 
focus. The "looping" is intended for table objects, but is nevertheless 
applied to any objects because of a scripting deficiency.

As far as I know the revtable frontscript is transferred to a standalone 
when it is built, which could explain why the delays you see happen also 
in a standalone.

On the other hand - when you use the arrow keys - it could be that 
"focusin" is not sent, so you do not get a delay.

Try removing the script of btn "revtable" of stack "revlibrary" from front.-

You might compare also my test stack "RevolutionTestStack" (80 KB) ( 
website <>, page "Tools and Samples for 
Development" under "Revolution Stacks") which contains about 3000 
controls and shows various kinds of interesting and annoying delays in 
the Revolution IDE. This test stack is also attached to the Bugzilla 
report 2019 - which by the way is still left as "unconfirmed".

--Wilhelm Sanke

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