preOpenCard finishing before preOpenStack?

Nicolas Cueto nrkweto03 at
Sun Jan 2 09:27:29 EST 2005

Hello All,

In order for a client-stack to retrieve its necessary data from a LAN-based
server-stack before it appears onscreen, I've embedded the various socket
related commands in the client-stack's stack script. I had thought that this
way I could store the data as globals and then use it to populate fields and
images before opening each of the client-stack's cards.

The first object that uses this sent-data is a field on the second card.
However, even after the five or so seconds taken up by the splashcreen on
the first card, that field is opening up empty. Having confirmed that the
globals were in fact loaded,all I can conclude is that the data is arriving
after that second card has already opened. I have additional visual
confirmation of this from the server-stack, which has a text field to show
when data requests are received and fulfilled, and which messages seem to
appear only after the client-stack's second card has opened.

Perhaps I ought to be including the socket commands elsewhere than the
stack? In which case, how would I guarantee that the client-stack accepts
data sent from the server no matter what card is on-screen?


Nicolas Cueto

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