changing object's location causing long delays

Nicolas Cueto nrkweto03 at
Sun Jan 2 00:34:49 EST 2005

Ken Ray wrote:

> Can I assume this is in the IDE and not in a standalone? If so, I'd
> recommend attempting the same action in a standalone

It is indeed in the IDE. As for trying it on a standalone (a.k.a.,
"distribution"?), do you mean to add a "grab" command to an object, then
build a distribution, and see if there's a delay? And even if that's not it,
well, given that once finished my stack will not require users to move
objects, why would I nonetheless want to discover now whether a distribution
version of an incomplete stack is faster than the present version I'm now
whittling away -- and sometimes painfully slow at that! -- on the IDE?

Thanks all the same, though.

Nicolas Cueto

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