Using QT Transitions

Mark Greenberg markgreenberg at
Sat Jan 1 10:57:21 EST 2005

On Saturday, January 1, 2005, at 07:41 AM, 
use-revolution-request at wrote:

> When you use the answer effect command, an encooded description for
> the effect is returned in the "it" variable. You can store this
> somewhere (variable, custom property, etc.) and use it in a later
> script:
>    answer effect
>    if it is not empty then set the myCustomEffect of this stack to it
>    -- in a later script...
>    visual effect (the myCustomEffect of this stack)
>    go card "My Card"

Okay, but wouldn't that bring up a dialog box for the user of my stack? 
  I would like Card A to gradient wipe to Card B without asking the 
user.  I'm still not getting it.

		Mark G.

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