Using Md5Digest on stacks loaded in memory

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> Hi Dar,
> Thanks a lot for answering this question.
> Dar Scott wrote:
>>> But, How could i get the md5Digest of a
>>> stack loaded in memory?
>> I don't know if you can relate a stack in
>> memory to an md5Digest created for a binary file.
> But, it's possible to get a md5digest of a custom
> property that only exist in memory, because
> the stack has not been saved to disk yet.
> So it could exist some way to get the md5digest
> from a stack that exist only in memory
> (and still has not been saved to disk).

Just a thought...I haven't tried it myself, but Is it possible that 
setting the custom property to store the MD5 digest is altering the 
stack so that the in-memory MD5 digest no longer matches the on-disk 

Have you tried getting the MD5 digest from the stack on disk, NOT 
setting the MD5 digest property, then seeing what the MD5 digest 
returns from the stack in memory?  If they match, then you know that 
setting the MD5 digest property is disturbing the in-memory MD5 digest 
calculation.  In that case you can probably 1) remove the MD5 digest 
property from the stack, 2) calc the MD5 digest of the on disk version, 
3) store the MD5 digest custom property, 4) open the stack in memory, 
5) remove the MD5 digest custom property, and 5) calc the MD5 digest of 
the in memory stack (minus the MD5 digest property).

-- Frank

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