Windows Dos window doesn't work?

thierry douez at
Thu Dec 16 05:18:12 EST 2004


Just Let You Know,

i'v been working a lot with open process in Rev, and without
a Tutorial first approach, struggled a bit.

But after a while, everything works fine for me. As i did a lot of
tries and learnt a lot of Rev at the same time, do not remember very
well all my struggles..

today, this is a "Industry Product" which uses the open process, reads
few information at the start, and a report at the end. In between,
the 2 processes ( Rev and Perl ) communicate via Sockets.

This works on Win98, NT systems and with Rev Express 2.1.

But, this thread scarres me a bit :-(  So, i'm probably going to
do some more severe testing aound this.....

Bonne journee a tous !

Best regards, thierry

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