ANN: GM Scanner2.0 release for bug 2341

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu Dec 16 01:45:19 EST 2004

You may not be affected, but then again, you may be! This is a hidden bug...
As far as I know, or looked at bugzilla or support tells me, there is no fix
seemingly coming, and the bug is still unconfirmed despited extensive
debugging time, months sitting there and extensive proof.

So if you use the Geometry Manager, try this stack to check for any GM bugs
relative to bug 2341 in your stacks!

A carefully crafted demo stack with the bug is included for the test.

This little stack will also save and more importantly restore you're stack's
controls geometry in case of any mishaps (see bugzillas 2335 or 2347 - all
three can happen together too ;)

See, im not ranting, just giving you more freeware to help you out.

Thanks to Chipp for motivating me to roll out my own GM... Coming out in
2005 with some shark teeth. Thanks to Heather and Kevin for creating a new
project for my xmas vacation. All I asked was a yes or no answer, my efforts
helping you have proven idiotic again... I feel even more of an idiot

The Bugzilla database is not up to date and there are still 2.2 bugs that
persist today or some bugz are marked fixed when they are not! There is
hardly any way of knowing for us users or them developpers what a bug status
is according to support or when it will be fixed! Naturally each one of us
could help others' bugs by voting or writing comments but Im quite
disappointed in these bugzillas votes! Meanwhile the inconsistencies pile up
- who's wasting resources here? 

That's just a friendly suggestion in bug/change management which I do each
day for 2000 users and 300 servers with some 70000 cases avg per year (not
all for me ;)!. IMOHO, this customer feedback weakness causes lots of
aggravation and stress for many, not to mention "unknown" release delays for
all affected... 

Anyway, that's what motivated me to release this helper stack and release my
aggravation in GM... I still think it's a wonderful technology but I would
not recommended for medium to large stacks at all! 

If this stack helps you find a bug, i'd really appreciate a donation to my
paypal at It will save hours of frustration - believe me,
it's hair yanking material! 

No feedback = no support - no support = less work - more work for the RunRev
dev team - and definitely more bugs to handle later for them and you and
your clients! 

Am i wrong? Free Food for thought... 

Note: If you dont complain, things will never get better! 

best regards,

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