Disabled submenu items on Win XP

thierry douez at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 16 07:19:47 EST 2004

Bonjour Eric,

just as an example, look in revolution menu,
The Text Menu.
if you don't select any text, everything is disabled, from all
the items of the menu to all the sub-items ( like the Fonts )...
This is normal behavior on Windows, well at least on my computer :-)

or do I miss something more subtle ?

HTH, thierry

ÉC> For somes reasons depending on the context, the first item in a submenu 
ÉC> has to be disabled but the following ones in the submenu are enabled.
ÉC> On Mac OS, there is no problem: so long you are in the menu area, 
ÉC> flying over enabled or disabled menu items makes no difference and the 
ÉC> menu stays.
ÉC> On Windows, if the first submenu item is disabled, you cant catch the 
ÉC> following enabled submenu items: the menu vanishes :-(
ÉC> Is that correct behavior according to some guide lines I dont know on 
ÉC> Windows or is it a kind (...) of bug ?

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