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James Richards jamesjrichards at
Tue Oct 28 02:27:01 EST 2003

on 27/10/03 12:01:31 -0700, Alex Rice wrote:

> Now it also appears that some people (eric hansen?) are hitting reply
> to a list message, then changing the topic *entirely*, as a shortcut
> for composing a new topic message to the list. This looks bad in a
> threaded view because based on the in-reply-to headers, it's thread,
> but the message content does not make a coherent thread.

What is the effect of those of us who receive the digest and hit 'Reply to'
and then edit subject line? If we don't edit the subject line it gets the
useless unedited heading, and anyway the Reply to header must foul up any
chance of threading.

I wonder why threading is done that way when so often congruence of subject
line is the desired basis of threading. And presumable the situation would
be just as bad if someone on the digest list simply created a new email from


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