newsgroup vs. mailing list

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Tue Oct 28 05:40:46 EST 2003

At 12:51 am -0700 28/10/03, Alex Rice wrote:
>On Oct 28, 2003, at 12:27 AM, James Richards wrote:
>>  What is the effect of those of us who receive the digest and hit 'Reply to'
>>  and then edit subject line? If we don't edit the subject line it gets the
>>  useless unedited heading, and anyway the Reply to header must foul up any
>>  chance of threading.
>Not sure what happens.
>>  I wonder why threading is done that way when so often congruence of subject
>>  line is the desired basis of threading. And presumable the situation would
>>  be just as bad if someone on the digest list simply created a new email from
>>  scratch.
>You got me thinking- If anyone out there is writing a new mail
>client- please make it have a message-digest-aware reply feature. It
>should be able to pick out the subject line and message-id based on
>how far into the digest you have scrolled!

It should also be aware of people like me, who, when starting a new 
thread, just open any old mail from the list and hit reply, so the 
To: field is filled out already. Sorry, folks!


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