Windows sound and music--help!

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Tue Oct 28 01:57:43 EST 2003


Early versions of XP shipped with SAPI 4, which works with RR. Perhaps he
was using such an early version? Did it upgrade it using SP1? If not, it may
be a memory problem. Try booting RR and just entering:

revSpeak "hello"

If that doesn't work, you might check the SAPI control panel and see if any
settings have changed. Choose the smallest voiceprint possible and try
again. I looked all over to try and find out how to tell if you're using
SAPI 4 or 5..with no luck. You'd think they'd put a vers # on the
thing...but *that's MicroSoft*


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> FWIW, my student swears he had revSpeak working on his 128 MB RAM XP box
> until he added a bunch of other things to the stack...
> Judy
> On Sun, 26 Oct 2003, Ken Norris wrote:
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> > I know. I sure hope they can patch revSpeak for XP somehow.
> It's all I have
> > to test on right now. Because of the loss of muscle control, my intended
> > users are speech impaired. Their other possibilities of controlling the
> > computer is where I come in with custom combinations of
> software techniques
> > and controllers. I can't be running back and forth to the convalescent
> > center to test on their machines.
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