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I have complied with a request to not change the subject line to make 
it easier to view threads. I have also switched from digest mode to 
single mode.
I preferred the mouse scroll button on my wireless mouse in one long 
window , but did the change anyway.

now may I request that new comments are at the top of a reply and not 
strewn within and throughout the entire reply. It is very hard to read 
and I have to move the mouse up to the mail field and select next email 
and then move down to content field and then scroll to read text at 
bottom of reply. (I hope I am not coming off as complaining)

it was much better when I could just scroll with the mouse wheel the 
whole digest.


On Monday, October 27, 2003, at 06:36 PM, Alex Rice wrote:

> On Oct 27, 2003, at 4:11 PM, Robert Brenstein wrote:
>> Yes, the in-reply-to and references headers are needed to establish 
>> parent-child relations but subject selection must be applied first.
> The Subject: header does figure prominently in JWZ's threading 
> algorithm. But you will see the first step in the algorithm is to make 
> a tree of Container objects based on the References: header.
> Somehow Apple's engineers have managed to make a threading algorithm 
> that can deal with changed Subject lines and still maintain the topic 
> thread. I am guessing it's the JWZ algorithm but don't know.
> I am not advocating that people change Subject lines willy nilly 
> though. Also I didn't realize until now that the "Re:" part of 
> subjects is helpful in the threading algorithms too.
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