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Graham Samuel livfoss at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Oct 27 13:22:08 EST 2003

On  Mon, 27 Oct 2003 04:35:30 -0800 (PST),  Jan Schenkel 
<janschenkel at yahoo.com> wrote:
>Let's start with a copy+paste from the Docs
>"HOW TO respond to quitting an OS X application
>On OS X systems, the ?Quit? menu item is part of the
>Application menu, which is displayed by the operating
>system rather than by the application. Because of
>this, choosing ?Quit? on OS X systems does not send a
>menuPick message, so you cannot handle quitting in a
>menuPick handler.
>Instead, choosing ?Quit? sends an Apple Event (class
>?aevt?, ID ?quit?) to the application. If you don?t
>intercept this Apple Event in an appleEvent handler,
>Revolution sends a shutdownRequest message in response
>to the Apple Event. To respond to the user choosing
>?Quit?, handle either of these messages.
>   Tip:  For easiest cross-platform development, place
>all the code you want to execute on quitting in a
>shutdownRequest handler."

Well, dammit, my attempt to find this in the documentation failed. 
What would you look up to find this? I will amend my code 
accordingly. I had forgotten that there was a shutDownRequest - I had 
a shutDown handler (it's in the TD) but it doesn't do anything in 
this context. Ironically I also have an AppleEvent handler but it 
must have become inactive somehow (I've been testing the Windows 
version of my app mostly, which obviously doesn't care it there's an 
AppleEvent handler or not.)

>>  and less importantly:
>>  2. When I build the distribution, it goes in a
>>  folder created by the
>>  Distribution Builder - I then transfer this to my
>>  OSX boot disk. When
>>  I look in the folder under OSX, I see my app with
>>  the right icon
>>  (thanks, earlier respondents on this list and of
>>  course
>>  Iconographer!) but I also see the RunRev icon
>>  apparently signalling
>>  an application, real name Revolution.app, with what
>>  looks like a
>>  complete set of application folder contents. If I
>>  double-click on it,
>>  the OS says it crashed, harmlessly. What is this and
>>  how can I get
>>  rid of it, or better, stop Distribution Builder
>>  creating it in the
>>  first place?
>On MacOS X, the app-bundles are actually folders,
>containing the "real" application and lots of other
>things that "Classic" MacOS would have stored in the
>resource fork and other places.
>The bundles allow for one easy spot to store
>everything that belongs with your applications, so you
>don't need to find DLL x here, VBX y there, etc. as
>you would on Windows machines.

I do understand this but it doesn't explain why the Revolution app 
(broken) appears next to my real app in the folder created by the DB 
- this is not inside the OSX-type application folder, it's next to it 
within an ordinary Mac folder - i.e. within the folder created by the 
DB there are **two** OSX-style applications, not the one I was 
expecting. I think this has been bugzilla'd. (Maybe bugzilla is back, 
but if it is I haven't heard about it.)

Thanks for replying - all useful stuff.

          Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France

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