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Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Oct 27 12:13:22 EST 2003

Hi Thomas J McGrath III (wow, what a name :-)

> Hello all,
> I have a stack with grouped items as background objects to be shared 
> by all cards in this stack.

This group!!! see below...

> I want to add items to this background "After" all cards have been 
> created.
> The inspector has the 'act like background' but says it is for NEW 
> cards.
> I don't want to put it on new cards but rather on OLD cards.
> I selected the field and grouped it and selected the like background 
> but it does not show up on old cards.
> What am I doing wrong?

To make this field part of the group (see above) you have to:
1: CUT that field
2. select that group
3. select "Edit Group" from the "Object" menu
4. PASTE that field or create a new field NOW in "edit-background" 
(Please note how the window-title changes to allow NO DOUBT about 
what's going on ;-)
5. select "Stop Editing Group" from the "Object" menu when you are 

Now this field will appear on EVERY card that goup has/will be placed...

And yes, checking "shared text" will make the same text appear on every 

You can do so by script of course:

create field "my static text" in group "name of group here"

> Or Is there a better way other than copy paste? What is the best way 
> to do this?

See above...

Hope this helps...

> Thanks Tom

You're welcome :-)

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